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While I am commonly know for my corporate consultancy and marketing programs, I also provides training in the form of mentorship to fledgeling entrepreneurs and influencers. 

Under the MENTORSHIP program, my team and I provide a truncated version of my well known consultancy and training package. 

This program covers the following skills that entrepreneurs and influencers are generally lacking, but never the less are the critical foundation to growth:




1) How to grow your social media presence

2) How to create a desirable image, to attract brand deals

3) How to effectively leverage existing brand deals to grow your portfolio

4) How to leverage your purchases to create new brand opportunities

5) You will also receive a crash course in multi-platform advertising

The information that you will gain access to is from a decade of first hand experience acquired while building my own brand and businesses, as well as those of our clients around the world.

Now, what good is study without the experience to practically apply it? This program includes the ongoing practical application of what you learn. Myself with the assistance of my team at Copy Corp Global, will go through your followers, your brand deals, and the sponsorships that you have, on a case by case basis, to show you how to leverage these relationships and grow; I will walk you through each instance personally.

Additionally, after your crash course in advertising, I will work with you to build advertisements that work. I will personally critique your advertising, as well as the content that you produce, so that you actually get the results and ROI that you are after*.

The purpose of this program is to build you up into a successful influencer/entrepreneur {it is really semantics}, and set you up to expand into larger scale business.

Once at that stage, we then start looking at the consultancy program, where my team and I build you up into a company with international presence. In the consultancy program, we will of course train you to a higher degree in the aforementioned topics as well as leadership training, how to build an elite team with practical application, joint ventures, and of course more; but that is a matter for after we have built you up to that level.




Put your details in the form below, and we will book in a time to talk about getting you started.