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Since its rise to fame, LinkedIn has been regarded as the social media for corporate affairs. With this if your business is not making the trends on LinkedIn, you are losing a lot –sincerely.

Here are few tips that will get you into the trends and eventually transform you into one of the trend setters of LinkedIn.

If you don’t have a business account on LinkedIn already, you should create one asap.

Complete Your Business Profile:

No true customer pays attention to an incomplete business profile. It is a necessity to have your LinkedIn profile properly filled out to enable the swift transmission of information about your company to your prospects.

To get in line of the thriving businesses on LinkedIn, your company’s profile should have the following:

> Logo: Ensure to upload a ‘high-resolution’ logo of your company on your company’s profile.

> Cover Image: There should be a cover image on the profile that depicts the nature of the company’s team and working environment or the nature of your company’s products and/or services.

> About Us: You should fill out all the fields in the ‘About Us’ section of the LinkedIn profile. These fields include a description of the company, the size, industry, location, type, and the company’s URL.

Ensuring that these fields are professionally filled is as important as LinkedIn marketing itself.

Come Up with a Posting Schedule:

Having a dormant LinkedIn account is not the best thing to do. Although posts on LinkedIn are not expected to be as frequent as it is on other social media platforms but not posting often enough on LinkedIn can send you behind the line of thriving companies on the platform. To prevent this unpleasant situation from happening, you should post something about your company on a regular basis and setting up a LinkedIn posting schedule is the perfect option to take to keep you reminded of the time and need to post.

To enhance the effect and reach of your posts and your company’s profile, consequently; it is advised that your posts carry the following:

> Descriptive captions to give viewers an inkling of what the company represents because it takes an attractive caption to bring people to visit your profile.

> Eye-catchy Images: The human psyche has a very close relationship with visual art. You need attention-getting images to increase your chances of building a relationship with your viewers and visitors.

> Hashtags: Hashtags are very powerful tools in social media marketing and LinkedIn marketing is not an exception. Use them strategically to carry your posts over to a wide range of LinkedIn users.

> Emojis, Questions or Bulleted Points: It is not a surprise anymore that emojis appeal to humans more than words because the expressions of those emojis send a perfect message to the viewers. Questions triggers some sense of reasoning, and bulleted points is as well engaging to viewers on LinkedIn in some way.

> A Professional and Active Tone: LinkedIn as earlier stated is the social media for corporate affairs, thus your post should be professional, formal and should be actively written to put your readers/viewers to action –avoid passive writing as much as you possibly can.

Repost Your Top Contents:

If you are cautious of the quality of your posts and follow your post schedule with discipline your followers are bound to grow but as the humans that we are, we sometimes run out of ideas on what to post. When this happens; there are chances that some of your previous posts have not reached all its intended viewers, this is the best time to re-buffer and share the best contents that were previously posted.

Sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to pick which post is best to re-buffer and share. Simply go to the ‘Analytics’ section of your ‘Buffer’ dashboard, click ‘Post Report’ and then ‘Most Popular’. There you will find your best performing posts; you share and re-buffer them to reach more audiences.

Carry Employees and Colleagues Along:

Getting employees and work colleagues engaged in your LinkedIn activities by encouraging colleagues and employees to fill out their LinkedIn profiles takes the company’s LinkedIn presence a long way: their followers, friends, academics alumni, former co-workers, and all their connections. This is one of the great ways to positively influence your Company’s LinkedIn profile.

Promote Your Company Page Beyond LinkedIn:

This is very important because there are chances that your post may not reach a great proportion of LinkedIn users on LinkedIn because of the way the LinkedIn Algorithm operates but you can as well refer a lot of interested viewers to your company’s LinkedIn page by promoting your business profile in other marketing campaigns outside LinkedIn.

Also, ensure to attach a “Follow Us on LinkedIn” button to your website so as to allow your website visitors easy access to your Company’s Professional LinkedIn Page.

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