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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Most times the market in which we find ourselves is often saturated and competitors are difficult to contend. To survive in such a critical situation and keep your business thriving you need sales –lots of sales. There are many ways to sell your products to the public, most times depending on the customer types and the kind of product or service you offer. Among these many ways of selling, this session will briefly discuss three important things we need to understand about selling and how to use them to our advantage in our various markets.

Buying Decisions are Emotional:

As much as humans try to be logical in all their decisions, it is time-consuming to apply logic to all our decisions and most decisions need to be made within a very short period of time. To make up for this lapse, emotion comes in play during decision-making causing the processes to be faster and less frustrating. This is normal human psychology and it also plays out when humans are making purchases. People buy things out of emotion and by the time they have made the purchase, they justify their reasons for buying these products or services logically.

No matter what the emotion is, it drives sales. Some products or services appeal to a particular emotion or more but as a salesperson, you should know which of the numerous emotions your products or services appeal.

In most cases, especially when it comes to gadgets and adult toys, people buy them to feel accepted as a part of a particular group; hence they purchase these products because of the fears of being rejected by their friends or groups to which they are a member.

Some others buy products because it will save them money or make them more money. Products in this category appeal to human greed while some others appeal to the customer's desire to grow intellectually –like books.

Some product appeal to the customers loves for something else or that p0articular product. For instance, selling a wonderful dog wear to a customer who owns a dog that he loves so much, he is likely going to buy the wear despite the fact that the dog has so many wears at home and after that justifies his buying decisions by saying the dog would need a new set of wears as it would soon grow bigger than the older wears.

The simple truth is that whenever we buy products or pay for services, we do them emotionally and we logically justify our decisions afterward. So when trying to sell to somebody and the person doesn't seem to show so much interest in the features and benefits of your product or services, then you are perhaps being too logical about it. You should find a way to get to the customer's feelings. Could it be a feeling of laxity or which? Just find out the feeling that your product will appeal to and hit him there. If you do it just right; trust me, the sales is almost completed.

Try to Solve a Problem:

It is not a new thing to us that businesses are created to solve an observed problem. The more problems your business solves, the better your business will be. This principle still holds because people will only pay for a product if it is going to help them solve a problem that they have.

Frankly, nobody with his eyes wide open uses his money to buy problems but if eventualities occur they are willing to pay the price to get out of such problems. Thus, it is important to recognize the problem that your product or service is solving and ensure that the customer needs that solution; if they do then you already have a sale, moreover who find a solution to his problems and not take it with both arms?

Your Pitch Makes the Sale:

The saying that “People don’t buy products or services, they buy stories” is not so far from the truth. People are known to be attached to their money; so to get the money in your customer’s pocket, you much have an intriguing story to tell –a story that wows them and awakens their desire for your product.

The good story sets you out of the crowd in your market and attracts a special kind of attention from sophisticated and affluent buyers that will come for your products.

Have you ever wondered why a man will buy a Lamborghini Veneno with such top-speed rating at such a high price when he knows fully well that he can’t exceed speed limits on interstate roads? The Veneno is as good as a Ford Mustang but why spend 1.4 million dollars on that ‘beast’ if the story wasn’t juicy?

Do you see what sales pitch does to a product? It sets a standard for the buyers to attain and as you know most humans love adventurous challenges.

So to make sure that your product stands out in its competitive market, you should think of a story that will make your customers flying to it like moths to the flame.

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