How to Stay Motivated!

With the highly competitive community that we all live in today, it has become very challenging to stay motivated. One thing is to be motivated, which perhaps is the easier option but it is a whole different thing to stay motivated even in the face of adversities –and this is the real deal.

Many people have lost focus on their drives and consequently have failed accomplish their life goals because they have found it quite difficult – maybe impossible–to stay motivated. This session will briefly tip you off on a few measures to take if you really are motivated and want to stay motivated.

Set Realistic Goals With Genuine Reasons and Be Honest to Yourself:

The first and most important thing to do to stay motivated is to set realistic goals; have them written on paper as well as the reasons for these goals because it is these reasons that keeps you going so, try to be very honest with yourself. It is very okay to Dream Big –no doubt –but do not set goals that are far above your capabilities, they can become frustrating as the process unfolds and this could definitely result to loss of interest in your set goals –perhaps there were no actual set goals, just fantasies.

Break Your Goals Down to Its Simplest Units, Plan To Accomplish Each Unit and Set Deadlines:

Goals can be relatively big but they are easier to accomplish if they are broken down into smaller bits, with that it can be tackled more confidently. The simpler it is broken, the higher the tendency of it been accomplished in due time.

Breaking the goals down is not enough to have it accomplished; each bit of this said goal demands different approaches for them to be accomplished, hence you need to have a plan on how to accomplish each of these simpler bits of your goal.

Furthermore; it is observed that most people work better with deadline, so you should set a deadline for the accomplishment of your goal and break this deadline into shorter ‘sub-deadlines’ that will dictate the speed at which you’d accomplish the smaller bits of your goal. When you follow your plans with all sense of urgency, you will definitely accomplish your big goal in due time –sometimes before time.

Strategize Carefully:

When we break our goals down into bits, we will discover that some bits demands much more effort than others. Also, some of the smaller units of our big goal when accomplished will facilitate the accomplishment of many others. It is important to spot these significant parts of our goal and work on them immediately. Although we may like to take on some tasks before others but there is need to strategically pick the order at which we implement our plans. Strategizing is as important as planning and setting goals, so try not to ignore it.

Be Open to Better Ideas and Be Flexible:

We cannot always be right in our ideas; as matter of fact, we turn out to be wrong most of the time. So, it is important to be open to new, better ideas that can propel us towards the accomplishment of our goal. When these new ideas hit us, we should be flexible enough to inculcate them into our plans.

Revisit the Drawing Board Regularly:

At each phase ensure to go back to your papers, the blueprint of your plans and check them out. Screen them again, strike out already accomplished bits of your goal, reorganize the remaining bits and adjust your strategy to fit perfectly with the current order of events.

Request Help When Necessary:

There is the saying that, “No man is an island.” We all need each other’s help. At some point in the processes of accomplishing our goals, situations get a little bit hazy and we would need someone to step in; do not hesitate to request for help from such person. Trying to do some things on your own is just as impossible as seeing your ears without a reflection; so as you walk through your plans, get yourself a reflection when needed.

Measure Your Progress and Reward Yourself:

As you accomplish each major bit of your goal, it is important to set pins to mark the completion of such task like some sort of milestones; that way you can measure your progress.

As you make progress by completing each milestone, ensure to give yourself a good treat –some sort of small celebration –to keep the fire burning.

Set Out Plans on How to Manage Unexpected Events:

Things don’t always turn out to be rosy; there are times when you just wish you’d never started but when it comes to times like this, you should always have a way out. So, it is important to always expect the unexpected and whatever you are expecting you’d plan for; thus you should as well plan for the unexpected. Most people know that the unexpected could likely occur but wonder how possible it is to plan for such an event. Frankly, it is neither a science nor an art; “just think outside the box.”

Staying motivated actually requires a determined mind and a strong desire to achieve greatness; these are found in every human but unfortunately, not everybody is willing to exercise them. I trust you are one of those that are willing.

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