Four Types of Clients

Business is a journey that brings an entrepreneur across various types of individuals amongst which, many would turn out to be clients. Humans are different in temperament and personalities, sadly clients are humans. There are times where your business will attract clients that are difficult to please for some reasons while at other times, you can be blessed with understanding and easy-going clients. Basically, there are four types of clients that a business person will likely come in contact with and certainly deal with. These clients’ types include two sets of undesirable clients: the cheap clients and the difficult clients; and two sets desirable clients –the sophisticated clients and the affluent clients.

Cheap Clients:

These clients are the kind of clients that most business owners and services renderers wish to avoid but they are inevitable, they will always come for your services and are willing to pay nothing more than the lowest price they can get. They are the kind of clients who always shop for discounts and ask for it when there are none on display.

These cheap clients are much more concerned about the price of the service than the quality of the service. Whenever they want to deal with you, they focus more on your price asking one or two of their popular questions, "What is the lowest price I can pay for this?" or "How much is your price?" Their questions about prices frequently come before inquiring about your offerings and their quality.

The funny thing is that some cheap clients are willing to tell lies just to drag your price as low as possible; I wouldn’t say they are good negotiators rather they are tight-fisted individuals. Unfortunately, we have to deal with them every time if really we have to be in business and I can place my bets on the fact that they will not pay you more than they want to.

Difficult Clients:

It is quite easy to say that cheap clients are difficult but there are other clients who are not cheap yet they are just difficult. These clients are a perfect representation of the choleric temperament, you barely see a smile on their face, and they appear busy always –even when they are not, they are unpleasantly rude and what other words can you use? –Difficult.

They may seem like the perfectionists who want everything done just the way they want it as such they always want you to redo something or they give you negative feedback on services rendered. The fact that they are not really cheap means that they are willing to pay the price for your services if you are able to convince them but you beating their expectations is a real challenge to overcome –maybe impossible.

Sophisticated Clients:

These are the kind of clients that true business people love to deal with. These clients are the reason why salesmen study. They are intelligent and thoughtful, they are constantly learning and adequately educated, they know exactly what they want –no beating around looking for the cheap way out of things.

Sophisticated clients ask quite a number of questions; unlike the difficult clients, their questions are relevant and well-structured, aimed at understanding what your offerings entail, the conditions, features benefits and other related questions. With this, they will understand your services and its quality; they will appreciate the quality of your services as they know its value.

The sweet thing is that sophisticated clients barely pay more than necessary for a service if the proposed quality of the service does not merit the numbers on the price tag; as I said, they are intelligent and they make intelligent decisions –often slow though but they are true to their words mostly.

These clients are not impulsive and are likely to put you on hold while they take their time to research properly on the kind of services they need and if they find out that you are not being honest with them, you as well would have lost a potential life-long client otherwise, you have gained a confident, recurring client.

Affluent Clients:

The affluent clients are every businessman’s fantasy; they require the least energy to convince. They have the resources and are very emotional with their decisions, once they like your service or feel good about it, they will pay whatever is on the price tag. They don’t need your discount or your bulky information to place their orders; once they feel good about it, they will make it theirs –simple.

These clients get bored by the long conversation about the quality and value of the service and they feel threatened when they see discounts or cheap prices. They have the belief that expensive things depict class and quality and they make purchases following this belief paying little or no attention to the deep description of the service they are ordering.

With this knowledge of the different client types, it will be a lot easier and more productive to treat clients according to their nature and type.

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