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For years, FAUX HAUSE has been at the forefront of merchandising for our customers all around the world, acting as designers, manufacture partners, and distributors.

With our headquarters in Sydney, Australia, we are a proud member of FAUX HAUSE GROUP. FAUX HAUSE has always been here to support creators, ever since the birth of our company, and we are proud to continue doing so.

Designers in our own right, we understand what it takes to turn a though into a flushed out product, bring that product to market, and manage the logistics of manufacturing and distribution. 


Copy Corp Global has been in operation now for the better part of eleven years, as of 2020. Additionally, as Copy Corp Global is headquartered in Australia, there are many strict consumer protection laws to protect you, our adored clientele. So, not only do we promise to act in your best interest, the laws can give you peace of mind. 


Copy Corp Global was born out of a need to provide expert copy writing services to our customers, and has evolved into this big and beautiful marketing flower; hence "Copy Corp". Copy Corp Global now provides services in copy writing, advertising, video and content creation, social media management, web design, translation, corporate consulting, and sales just to name a few. 


Though Copy Corp Global had humble beginnings in Australia, Copy Corp Global has now grown into an international powerhouse, serving clientele from all around the globe. Across South-East-Asia, the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Europe; when you need us, Copy Corp Global will be there!

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By Copy Corp Global

FAUX HAUSE MODELS, a sub-service of COPY CORP GLOBAL, provides companies with access to models and influencers from across the globe. 

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Luxury fashion brand, MONSIEUR MILLS, provides bespoke fashion services to an exclusive network of clientele. 



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