How Your To-Do List Is Killing Your Productivity

In business schools and time management programs we are frequently advised to have a to-do list with which we work daily. Unfortunately, this habit seldom produces great results. It is not disputable that to-do lists keep you tied to a set of task and limits your chances of thinking out of the box, which is what every entrepreneur should do.

Most entrepreneurs have grown so used to the habit of keeping a to-do list that they don't see anything else possible outside their bulky list of planned activities and tight deadlines. Here are a few ideas that you can adapt to help you achieve more.


List Five to Seven Most Productive Tasks:

Most times Brian Tracy always recommend that we ask ourselves a few sensitive questions when making out plans to achieve great things, one of these questions have always been “what task do I do now that if I do it so well, it will bring me closest the achievements of my goals?” This question is a question we should ask ourselves always as we plan our days. If you would be very honest to yourself, there are only a few necessary things to do among those stacked pages of listed tasks. All you need to do is pick out five to seven of those tasks and boom! They are the Big Fives or Great Sevens (depending on how you choose to name them.)

You will realise that these tasks may take less time to finish, in most cases less than 8 hours. Having to finish these tasks early gives you enough time to invest in other important activities; this gives you time for your family, sports, medical fitness (for people so concerned about work-life balance), and many others including personal development.

These few tasks will affect your life and business more significantly than a list of 300 tasks that bulky and time-consuming.

Thinking Times are Great Investments, Get Some.

It is important to think about new ideas that will move your business forward but you probably will not have quality time to do this because you are choked with activities on your to-do list. If you cut down the tasks on your to-do to the most productive few, you will earn yourself more than enough time to think about the progress of your business from different perspectives –most particularly from the customer and clients’ perspective. Businesses are focused on pleasing customers and clients, at the same time produce profit enough to keep the business running and even more. This requires a lot of thinking, planning and strategising.

Most entrepreneurs and business managers spend so much time trying to get those activities on their to-do struck out that they barely get enough rest time or thinking time. It is very important to give yourself some time to meditate daily or do whatever that gets your mind at ease and open to ideas because this amounts to a very fruitful day, somewhat.


Picture the Unseen:

As much as things may look so obvious from the outside, there is a lot about business that cannot be seen with those eyes that attached to the eye sockets. You need to exercise the mind's eyes to see things from beyond the average human perspective. Great ideas don't look bare; they come in funny ways that are unthinkable. If you train your mind to do these tasks of seeing things from numerous perspectives, you will realise that there are very few important, highly productive tasks that will land you at your desired goal.

Speaking about perspectives, the boxing legend –Mohammed Ali, once said: "Looking at life from a different perspective makes you realise that it is not the deer that is crossing the road, rather it is the road that is crossing the forest."

Therefore, it is very important for every entrepreneur to cut down on unproductive tasks and sort out the most productive tasks and handle them with all urgency. Also, it is important to give yourself thinking time as businesses thrive when there are great underlying ideas.


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