A large number of people are active on Instagram daily; viewing, liking, sharing and even posting contents of various kinds. There is certainly no better place to market your businesses other than Instagram and other social media platforms.

Here are vital tips on how to best market your business on Instagram.


Pay Attention to your Audience:

The essence of marketing your business on Instagram is to create large awareness of the existence of your business and attract potential customers. To do this you have to pay attention to the type of people who are likely to have interest in your offerings. If you can spot them, then your marketing is almost a success. Getting to know your audience means that you need to understand what will be appealing to them and when you ought to reach out to them.

If you eventually find your real audience, you should:


Communicate Efficiently:

Communication is a very important part of marketing. There is every necessity to communicate with your audience in the right manner. You should talk with them; ensure that you initiate some sort of a two-way conversation rather than talking at/to them. Add live to your communication.


Carry Them Along:

With every post created on Instagram, you must ensure that your audience are a part of it; you must have their interest in mind and look out for what agitates them as well as what may stir up their interest.

Manage your Contents Properly:

Creating awareness on Instagram means that your business offerings should resonate in the minds of your audience and this requires well-tailored contents directed to the right audience(s) at the right time. To keep you ahead of your competitors, you must:


Offer Unique Contents with Exceptional Ideas:

Your contents must be properly written –short, simple and sweet –and should have great ideas that will leave your audience in awe.


Use Visuals:

Your contents can be more entertaining when you add short videos and pictures that tell good stories about your business and what you have to offer.


Know When to Post:

If you truly know your audience you should know the period of the day when most of them will be with their smartphones scrolling through Instagram feeds. If your target audiences are working class adults in Australia, you should keep in mind that they will be too busy to pay so much attention to Instagram posts during working hours, hence it is necessary that you do not post your contents within these hours.

Furthermore, consistency is of importance in business marketing –so also, Instagram marketing –so you should follow a schedule to post regularly and strategically but not excessively.


Use Tools Provided by Instagram:

To ensure that your content gets to a larger number of audiences, you should use the variety of marketing tools provided to you by Instagram. These tools include post sponsorship/promotions and analysis. Post sponsorship or promotion helps you to reach larger audiences and it is advised that you promote your best contents, those contents that are most convincing and attractive. Post analysis tool on the other hand helps you keep track of your posts and the number of people reached to enable you set targets and measure your progress.


Use Hashtags:

Using hashtags is a very effective way of keeping your business on the trend. At different periods, great businesses have used unique hastags to keep their customers engaged and promote their products. For example, Coca-Cola used #ShareACoke to strongly market their products at some point and so have/will many other businesses.

Choose Active over Passive:

Your contents should be written in an active tone, carrying much positive energy and enthusiasm. People hate boring contents, thus add as much live to your content as possible. Your contents should call your audience to action. Using phrases like: “follow the link on my bio to know more about our packages” compares your audience to act. Sometimes comparing your audience to express their opinion via likes and comments works perfectly well.


Work With Influencers:

There are people who have accumulated a significantly large number of followers on Instagram and these people earn hundreds of thousands of likes and comments –even millions –on every post. This class of people is called Social Media Influencers because they have great influence on a large number of ‘Instagramers’. Working with these influencers brings your business to the screens of their followers and as you already know, we are talking about millions of people with common sets of interest. For you to get the most of this relationship with influencers, you should:


Know the Right Influencer:

It is very obvious that it is not everybody that is interested in what you have to offer so, for your products to reach the right audience you have to choose the right influencer who have followers that your product or service will appeal to. For example; professional footballers are likely to have a significantly larger proportion of male followers and football lover, thus it is not an intelligent option to ask such influencer to promote the use of sanitary pads.


Be Willing to Pay or Strike Good Deals:

These influencers are popular people who know the relevant effect of their involvement in your business and they are likely not going to promote your products or service for free. You should be willing to pay them for this task or be ready to strike a mutually beneficial deal with them.

Follow these Instagram marketing tips and watch your business bloom like flowers at the bank of the Nile River.


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