Frankly, I believe the whole world is on Facebook –quite funny, but somewhat true.

With over 4 billion users and having 65% of these users log on daily, I don’t think there can be a bigger avenue to show the world what you’ve got. If your business is not being marketed on Facebook, you are obviously giving your competitors an edge over you and I strongly recommend that you start a marketing campaign on Facebook, immediately.

To successfully market your business on Facebook, there is every need to focus on the two vital pillars of Facebook marketing: the audiences that are your potential customers, and your posts with which you will attract your audience.


Focus on Your Audience:

Humans are the drivers of business because they are the only reason why businesses are created; so if you want to market your business –products and/or services –you will have to appeal to humans. To get the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign, you should:


Streamline your Audience:

Obviously, not every human alive will be interested in what you have to offer; in fact a vast majority does not care –sad but very true. So, if you must market your business effectively on Facebook you need to focus on those users who are interested in your products and/or services. Facebook have provided tools to help businesses streamline their audiences in order to increase the efficiency of Facebook marketing.


Use the Facebook’ Custom Audience’ Feature:

Facebook has provided this tool to help you import contacts from your email and phonebooks into your list of audience. With is feature, it is certain that your posts will always get to those audiences for whom they are intended; although most of them may be stale customers, it is very important to keep your business alive in their memories and ensure that they always have your services in mind. This is necessary to keep your business thriving.


Use the Facebook ‘Look-Alike Audience’ Feature:

This feature helps you grow your audience by helping your post reach out to other people who share some level of similarities with your already existing audience. This is a very great way to promote your business to an increasing number of people without having to address the wrong audiences –most likely though.

Focus on Your Posts:

As much as Facebook is willing to help you grow your business by providing avenues and tools for you to reach your audience in the fastest and safest way possible, it is your responsibility to win your audiences’ attention and keep them engaged, thereafter. You will have to do this through your posts as this is the only means of communicating with your audience.

To ensure that your marketing campaign is as effective as it should be, you should:


Create Short and Quality Posts:

People don’t have so much time to read lengthy contents, they need you to give them all the information you can in the shortest way possible, so you should do your best to make sure that your posts are short, simple and straight to the point, yet engaging.


Post Photos and Short Videos that are Hilarious:

These photos and short video has a way of keeping your audience engaged but if they are not interesting enough you may have Facebook users scrolling pass your posts without leaving a single click. Ensure that your posts transmit reasonable information about your business that will be beneficial to your potential customers.



Engage your Audience, Always:

Your posts should not only be aimed at informing and entertaining your audience, it should compare them to take action. You can do this by offering attractive contests where a random winner will be picked and rewarded for participating; of course everybody likes gifts and many like challenges, your audiences will be excited to be a part of your smart plot.


Post Significant Progresses in Your Business:

When audiences get to love your business, it is an important thing to make them a part of your working team. You can do this by always letting them in on the progress of your business as you post photos of happy moments and great times together as a team. These posts have positive effects on the confidence of your audience and this is a wonderful thing.


Use Emojis in Your Posts:

One of the most interesting things that were added to our experience on social media is the use of emojis; somehow they show our expressions and emotions more accurately than words. It is a lot easier to win people over if you connect with them at an emotional level; this is where the use of emojis becomes very relevant. Use them to connect with your audience by getting to their emotion.


Promote Your Best Posts:

As far as Facebook marketing is concerned, all your post cannot be top notch; there are sometime when your posts turn out to be junk posts and they will circulate –certainly –but try as much as you can to keep the junky effect of these posts under tight control but promoting/sponsoring your best post. Sponsoring/promoting these posts exposes them to a broader range of audiences.


These essential Facebook marketing tips can put your business on a whole level as you grow your audience.


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