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You will hear people talk about integrity all the time, and they will spout all forms of nonsense about how they have high integrity.

But, let me ask you how many of them do you think have ever turned down a potential client because they knew that they can not help them? Do you know anyone that has ever done that?

Well, I have. The way I see it, if I really can not help you, what business do I have taking yours?

Now, let us talk about courage for a little bit. There are times when people like myself, are brought in to analyse a company, and give them advice on what they need to do to fix their problems and grow. Now, what do you do when the problem with the company, is the person running it?

Of course, you have a duty to tell them what you have found, but also you know that what you have to say is probably not going to have a warm reception. So, what do you do?

Well, on the one hand, you have to tell the client, but on the other, unless you have the support of their directorship, you are probably going to lose that client and do a financial disservice to your own company. 

Well we, not just myself but also every member of my marketing and consulting teams, believe that no matter how unpleasant the truth may be to the client, we will always tell you; we are not here to sugar coat problems, we are here to fix them.


Mr. Jared Mills was born and raised West of Sydney, Australia. Out in that part of the country, prospects for education and employment are less than desirable, and Jared was repeatedly told that frankly he would be be privileged to collect garbage and clean toilets all his life. Jared was also constantly reminded that dreams are just dreams, and would be admonished for planning for a better future.

However, Jared never fave up on his dreams for a better life for he and his family, but he also realised that if that dream was going to happen then he was going to have to make it happen.

Like most people, Jared bought into the idea that you must work hard at school get good grades, go to university, and use that degree to get a good job. However, after watching graduating class after graduating class get nowhere, at fifteen Jared decided that he needed to do something different and drastic

Much to the disapproval of most of his teachers and peers, Jared decided that his focus needed to be on building his own brand and ultimately his own company if he was going to have any chance of making something of himself. He kept his work a secret from those around him, learning skills in copywriting and marketing, and taking on freelancing work by the age of sixteen.

After getting thrown out of home as a teen, Jared was taken in by his loving grandfather; a man that Jared had always had enormous respect and admiration for.

Over the decade since Mr. Jared Mills started his journey in entrepreneurship, and after working countless hours to study his craft, Jared has now built nine businesses of his own from fitness to marketing to fashion. Now, Jared Mills consults others to teach them how to do what he has done, and works with companies to use marketing and closing techniques to grow.


Mr. Jared Mills is completely devoted to the love of his life, and soul mate, who has been by his side through some of the most stressful and joyful parts of his life over the last few years; in his own words, she "... is the only person that can call me an idiot and get away with it."

Together, they travel the world for business and leisure, through both the East and the West. Together, they also have two beautiful puppies, Lucky and Lemon, to always bring their hearts back home.