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I was born and raised West of Sydney, Australia. Out in that part of the country, prospects for education and employment are less than desirable, and I knew that I needed to do something dramatic if I was going to have any chance of success. 


Like many other people growing up, I was told many unpleasant things about my dreams and plans for the future. Though I was admonished for planning for a better future, I did not stop working towards my future and now we are here today. So, if you are reading this and living through similar experiences don't give up!

Like most people, I bought into the idea that in order to be successful then you simply must attend University. Naturally, I attended University and studied a double degree in Genetics & Marketing. At the same time I opened my first business, in marketing, and I quickly realised that what I was learning in my course and the strategies suggested by my professors did not function when applied to the real world. Frankly speaking, I should have attended design and fashion school...

As I am sure will come to no surprise, I left University to focus on my growing number of companies, and focussed on my passions for fashion and marketing. Now, dropping out of University is not a strategy that I would suggest off-the-cuff, however fortunately it turned out alright for me. 

Today, after surviving being thrown out of home as a teen, leaving University, and struggling to build a name for myself, I am proud to present the businesses under Faux Hause Group.

Over the  decade  since I started this journey in entrepreneurship, and after working countless hours to study my craft, I have now built nine businesses and divisions of my own from distribution, to marketing, to fashion. Now, I consult others to teach them how to do what I have done, and work with companies to use marketing and closing techniques to grow.


With the growth of my companies, the majority of my time is taken with maintaining them and growing our brands internationally, and working on fashion design. However, I am fortunate enough to be able to travel and experience global cultures with the love of my life.

Together, we travel the world for business and leisure, through both the East and the West. Together, we also have two beautiful puppies, Lucky and Lemon, to always bring their hearts back home.